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Hello visitor, welcome to our tobacco shop. Home of the finest and most premium quality tobacco to revitalize your senses. We are more than just an online space to buy cigarettes and tobacco. We provide an experience; an experience to enrich your body, mind and soul. Cigarettes are more than a thing for us. We consider them a statement, a character trait, a way to make you stand out from the crowd. We know you are a classy gentleman that is why you are here. We will take care of all your tobacco and cigarette related needs so sit back and relax and enjoy your tobacco.

We have been in the business of selling tobacco products for a long time now. Ever since our inception we have been enjoying the trust and support of our customers. You can see our section of reviews where our valuable customers have shared their experiences with us. We are happy and proud of the rapport we have built with our customers. We know for a fact that a happy customer is the best ambassador of your product and we want each and every one of our customers our best ambassadors.

To bring to our customers a wide assortment of quality tobacco and other products. To add value to their buying experience and make them customers for life.


Our Mission:

To provide superior quality tobacco and other products to our customers who recommend them to their family and friends who our employees are proud of and who investors seek for long term profits.

Our Policy:

We are a quality centric company. Quality forms the foundation on which we have structured our company. It is our basic policy and principle of our business. Quality means providing our customers innovative and luxurious products at an affordable price that meet their requirements.

What We Are:

We are an online tobacco and cheap cigarettes shop. Our tobacco is fresh, aromatic and of highest standard. We put quality ahead of everything else. We do not want to be just another brand. We want to be an experience. An experience that our client would like to have again and again. We want to develop a bond with our clients, a bond that they can trust and be proud of. When you buy cigarette from us you don’t buy a cigarette you can be sure that you are buying an exceptional product made with loving care and attention to detail. Each one of our products from our products portfolio is an experience in itself. We take pride in them and want you to be their proud owner too.

discount cigarettesWhat We Sell:

We sell very high quality cigarettes, cigar, heets, tobacco, tea and coffee. Being a tobacco connoisseur, we blend the tobacco with aromatic herbs and spices and then roll it on our cigarette. One puff of it and you are in heaven. We also offer tea and coffee online to our clients. It goes without saying that like tobacco we take our tea and coffee very seriously too. Our tea and coffee plants are grown with the tender love and care they deserve. We pluck the best leaves and make them into a delectable tea and coffee product. You will cherish its taste till the last sip. Let us now briefly discuss our products with you;

Cigarette: Our cigarettes are a class apart. They are packed with a tobacco so fragrant and so fresh that you will be transported in another world with just one puff of it. It will open your mind to hitherto unknown possibilities and make you realize the potent powers of your being. It will open a floodgate of self-awareness and opportunities for you.

Cigar: Our cigars are a rolled bundles of guilt-ridden pleasure trips. We are saying that because when you smoke one you can’t settle for just one. The tobacco has been blended perfectly to make your smoking experience a near divine one.

Heets: Heets for IQOS are a special burn and we have made sure that we know all the delicate details of making a perfect one. All the elements that are used in making heets are carefully selected and pretested for a final product which touches the highest marks of perfection.

Tea: We take our tea very seriously. We take pain and select the finest of tea leaves sourced from our secret tea gardens. We make sure they make a mean tea brew for you that will elevate your senses and tantalize your taste buds.

Coffee: Who doesn’t like a cup of hot coffee? The aromatic whiffs of a hot cup of coffee are a stuff of dreams. Our coffee beans are a bitter sweet amalgamation of tastes. It will leave in your mouth a lasting flavor which is subtle yet strong, bitter yet sweet and full of a feeling of pure indulgence.




Benefits of buying from us:

There are hundreds of companies out there selling products like ours. Why would you buy from us then? What makes us stand out from the crowd? Here we give you some of the reasons that make us a class apart.
• We source raw material from our preselected sites. We have carefully chosen them after extensive and exhaustive survey.

• Even then we take a strict eye on quality. The raw material is carefully checked to make sure it conforms to our standards. If we notice a problem, we immediately reject the material.

• We provide a very premium quality product. We ensure that the product is checked and vetted at every stage of production. We apply strict quality controls at every level.

• We give personalized attention to each area of production. Our employees are well trained in their work and they have an eye for the detail. Even the minutest quality lapse is detected and taken care of.

• You would think that all that quality would cost you a fortune? We do not think so. While applying stringent quality control measures we manage to keep our costs in check. The price we offer is the best in its category and our customers vouch for that.

• Our products are delivered in time and our logistics are smooth and fast. There are seldom any delayed shipments or late arrivals. You will get your order within the stipulated time.

• We exercise checks that make sure that the products are not sold to underage children. We understand the risks associated with this and conform to laws that regulate such sales.


Enter the world of our customers’ reviews and feedback. These words are testimonies to our efforts to provide an exquisite product at a competitive price. You will see passionately our products are loved by our customers and how lovingly they recommend it to others.

How to order?

Ordering from us is very simple. You can buy online cigarette, cigar, heets from our site. Just go to the relevant section and add your products of choice in the cart. Once you are done shopping you will checkout leaving your preferred mode of payment and your contact details. Our representative will call you to confirm your order and that’s about it.

Mode of payment:

We accept all major credit and debit cards and modes of payments. You will have no difficulty finding your preferred mode of payment.


We take 3-5 days to process your order. This means your order should reach you at the maximum, 5 days after you place it with us. We deliver all orders through courier. They should reach you in mint condition with minimal damage.


Our products are packed in neat boxes that are made from bio-degradable materials. At some extra cost we provide premium packaging too customized to suit your needs of any occasion.

Social responsibility:

We understand selling online cigarettes and cigars are a risky proposition. Therefore, we take every care to maintain the order does not fall in wrong hands. You will be asked to verify your age during the course of your order, before you formally place it. Our representative will also call you to verify your purchase and other details. We want to conform to local and national laws that regulate the sale of tobacco and related products. You are requested to please comply with them.

Final thoughts:

Lastly, we want to thank you for choosing to visit our site. Whether you landed here accidently or came here on the recommendation of someone we are grateful. We assume since you are here so you must be interested in placing an order and try our products. If you are a new customer, we welcome you and openly offer you to buy any of our products that appeals you. You will see that products are of top-notch quality. They come in premium packaging and they are not that expensive. We offer a very high quality at a very reasonable price. We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience here. Happy shopping and we hope to see you here again.

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