Cigarettes are burnt with a lighter or another burner. Due to the burning of tobacco, ash, and smoke is produced. The ash can spread over your clothes. Smoke is inhaled which goes into the lungs and causes breathing problems.
IQOS devices are developed to make smoking easier. In the IQOS device, no smoking is produced because tobacco is not burnt. Tobacco is just heated up therefore no ash is produced.
Traditional cigarettes are burnt at a very high temperature of 800 degrees which causes mouth cancer. A lot of smokers have died due to smoking. It is such an addictive and bad habit that without it smokers cannot live.
IQOS 3 Multi Stellar Blue is introduced in awesome packing of blue color. This device can be used in every public place. It produces no smell therefore nobody will irritate near you. Cigarettes are only smoked when you are alone are sitting with smokers.
IQOS 3 Multi stellar Blue is available in all tobacco shops of the USA and in online stores. If you are not a citizen of the USA and want to know that from where you can buy IQOS 3 Multi, cigsnet is one of the best online stores and websites. All tobacco products are available at cheap rates.
IQOS 3 Multi Stellar Blue has a rechargeable battery with long-lasting timing. You can taste 10 consecutive Heets with one charge. It comes with a holder and a pocket charger. It is so slim and slippery. It is small in shape like a mobile that you can keep in your pocket all the time.
Heets are like cigarettes and filled with nicotine and tobacco. These are also called heat sticks.
In IQOS 3 Multi, a button is pressed and a heat stick is inserted which is heated up by the Heet rod.


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IQOS 3 Multi Stellar Blue IQOS 3 Multi – Stellar Blue


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