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JUUL is the brand that has been revolutionizing the world of vaping since the beginning of its journey. And they offer many variants that will blow your mind away. One of these variants is Cucumber JUUL Pods and these pods are for you if you want a one-of-a-kind experience. Its unique flavor is perfect for you when you need a touch of little warmth in dreary and dull weather. Its blend is simply perfect because it will provide you with a thrilling rush of true nicotine. These JUUL Pods will deliver you a subtle sweetness combined with the flavor and taste of freshly picked cucumbers. This is worth trying for anyone who is looking forward to a new and exciting vaping experience.

  • Four highest quality Cucumber JUUL Pods with salt e-liquid.
  • Each pod contains 5% nicotine with 0.7ml pre-filled liquid.
  • You will get approximately 200 puffs from each pod.

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Cucumber JUUL Pods Cucumber JUUL Pods