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These cigarettes are made with high-quality tobacco, so you can expect a smooth, satisfying smoke. Along with that, it also offers an even burn that will enhance your puffing experience.

Even Burn

PallMall KS Red Cigarettes also have a nice, even burn, so you can enjoy your smoke from start to finish.

  • The perfect way to enjoy a classic smoking experience.
  • These cigarettes are made with high-quality tobacco
  • Comes in a sleek red pack.

PallMall KS Red Cigarettes provide a smooth and satisfying smoke that is perfect for any occasion.

Box Type

King Size Box




0,8 mg


10 mg

Minimum Cartons


2 reviews for PallMall KS Red

  1. Mohr (verified owner)

    First class

  2. E…. (verified owner)

    Another 5* performance by Cigsnet. Great customer service and products. Thanks again.

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