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Esse Blue cigarettes are marketed as a premium product and are made with a blend of Virginia and Turkish tobacco. They are available in both king-size and 100s and have a light blue filter.

Smooth Mellow Flavor

The cigarettes have a smooth, mellow flavor and are very popular in Korea. In fact, they are the best-selling cigarette brand in the country. They are also very popular in other Asian countries, as well as in the United States.

  • The Esse Blue Cigarette is a uniquely designed cigarette that offers smokers a smooth, satisfying smoking experience.
  • The cigarette’s design features a blue tip that filters the smoke, making it smoother and more enjoyable to inhale.
  • The cigarette filters are also designed to reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that is inhaled, making it a healthier option for smokers.

The Esse Blue Cigarettes are available in a variety of different styles and flavors, making it a great choice for smokers who are looking for a new, unique smoking experience.

Box Type

100mm Box




0,4 mg


4 mg

Minimum Cartons



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