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It has a unique taste because of its original tobacco ingredients, which gives you a great smoking experience with each puff.

High-quality Smoking Sensation

The luxurious silver cigarette, with its sterling silver tip and gold mouthpiece, offers the smoker a high-quality smoking sensation.

  • An exquisitely balanced-tasting cigarette.
  • Enjoy a smoking experience that is both sophisticated and enjoyable.

Dunhill Switch cigarettes are made with a high-quality blend of tobacco that provides a smooth, rich flavor that is perfect for any occasion.

Box Type

Long King Size Box




0,4 mg


5 mg

Minimum Cartons


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  1. alison mcallen (verified owner)

    Wonderful company that delivers customer satisfaction every time. From purchase to delivery the company keep you informed and so much information on their website. excellent service – What more can I say.

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