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Camel is a well-known cigarette company. This brand is quite conservative, as seen by the traditional taste and style. It was first introduced in 1913 by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco. This American brand is well-known around the world and ranks high in cigarette sales.

Rich Tobacco Flavor

Camel Compact Filters have a rich yet light flavor, which distinguishes them from other tobacco products. Camel cigarettes’ smoke will never leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Camel Blue offers a mellow, nutritious flavor that is suitable for even seasoned smokers. Despite any number of cigarettes smoked, these smokes are not unpleasant.

Box Type

Compact size




0,7 mg


10 mg

Minimum Cartons


5 reviews for Camel Compact Filters

  1. nancydimattia (verified owner)

    Were first class and received very quickly

  2. tinabuchanan654 (verified owner)

    service and delivery all on time at very competitive price , thank you cigsnet

  3. Ray (verified owner)

    They always try and find a way to make sure the customer is happy and deliver as timely as possible and their products are great 😀

  4. R…. (verified owner)

    Lovely range of products

  5. R Ellis (verified owner)

    Would not shop anywhere else now! Very happy, thank you.

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