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The Capri Aroma is perfect for those who enjoy a milder cigarette, and the flavor is sure to please even the most discerning cigarette smoker.

Smooth Flavorful Cigarette

The perfect cigarette for any setting, the Capri Aroma is a smooth, flavorful cigarette that delivers mild smoke and a light, natural wrapper. The Capri Aroma’s light, refreshing flavor is perfect for a nice, smooth smoke.

  • This mild cigarette is full of the tropical essence of Capri
  • It will appeal to those who enjoy lighter smoke.
  • The cigarette features a light, natural wrapper, and a smooth, easy-smoking flavor.

The Capri Aroma cigarette is a premium cigarette that is known for its rich, full-bodied flavor. This cigarette features a slightly sweet taste that pairs with a medium body. The rich flavor of this cigarette is sure to please those who enjoy a cigarette that has a smooth, creamy finish.

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