Philip Morris brought a revolutionary change in the tobacco products by introducing IQOS heets in the market. We see a lot of people tired of being affected by the nasty effects of burning tobacco. We hear them saying that they want to quit smoking, but their tobacco craving keeps them from doing this. Philip Morris realized the issue and introduced the concept of IQOS in which he introduced and trend “heat, not burn” IQOS replaced the smoking cigarettes and won the hearts of the tobacco lovers who wanted to get rid of cigarettes but can’t get away from tobacco craving. These heets cigarettes introduced an entirely new trend of “heat, not burn” that is leading the entire market with its positive effect. IQOS devices have a heating chamber inside the device. IQOS heets are inserted in the heating chamber, and the heating chamber heats the IQOS heets. In this way, the nicotine is released that the IQOS user enjoys. Through this mechanism, IQOS heets prevents smokers from the terrible effects of burning tobacco. Now, you don’t have to ruin your lungs by smoking cancer-causing cigarettes, for you can switch to the heets cigarettes, and these IQOS heets will save you from irreparable damage.

Benefits of using IQOS over cigarettes:

There is a list of benefits that you can enjoy if you choose IQOS heets over cigarettes. We can’t put them all in here because of the limited space, but we brought here, some of the significant reasons for choosing IQOS over a cigarette. Let’s have a view:

No burns:

IQOS doesn’t use any burning device due to which you don’t have to worry about it that you will get cigarettes to burn on your clothes and skin etc. you can easily sue IQOS without getting burn effects.

Less toxic than cigarettes:

As there is no burning tobacco in the IQOS heets, it is thought to be less toxic than the regular cigarettes that burns the tobacco leaves to give you the tobacco pleasure and soothe your cravings.

Exclusive design:

The elegant design of IQOS devices appeals to most of the users. The design is so stylish as compared to the regular cigarettes that it also enhances the experience. The same taste of traditional tobacco is available in the whole new design, and it is aloes available in many colours that will make IQOS more enchanting for you.

Types of IQOS:

Some people would be thinking about the types of IQOS. We are so pleased to tell you that IQOS is available in many models that you can use as your choice. The models of IQOS starts from IQOS 2.4, and now, you can also avail IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 duo. The people want to know about the difference between IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 duo. IQOS 3 allows you to recharge the device after every session or heating one IQOS heets.

On the other hand, you don’t have to recharge the device after every session in the case of IQOS 3 duo. You can heat 2 IQOS heets at the same time and enjoy. In this way, you won’t have to wait for the second heet to heat up so that you can continue the experience.

Where to buy IQOS and IQOS heets?

If you have convinced to buy IQOS device to switch from the regular smoking to IQOS, now, you will think where you can buy IQOS in USA and how to buy IQOS 3 duo. We are so delighted to announce that cigsnet is the best online store from where you can buy IQOS 3 duo. There is no need to wander from cigarettes store to another to buy IQOS 3 duo, for you can get it from the online store cigsnet. We have all the models of IQOS devices and IQOS heets online.

The best thing about us is that we always provide the best quality heet cigarettes to our customers. There is nothing to worry about if you choose cigsnet to buy IQOS 3 duo or buy IQOS in USA. The best thing about cigsnet is that we will provide you with the highest quality products on the discounted rates. It means that the cost of IQOS will never keep you from using this fantastic product that can serve you the best and the legendary tobacco pleasure. Although many heets stores are available on the internet that claims to provide you with the best IQOS heets, nobody can compete for cigsnet when it comes to the quality of the cigarettes. We not only promise to give you the best quality products, but we mean it. We never let our customers down by giving them fake products. Quality is our symbol, and we never compromise it.

What are you waiting for then? Reach for cigsnet now, and buy IQOS 3 duo or cheap heets from us!

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